Why Should You Even Read This?

So here’s the question. I made a blog, but why should you read it? Should you even care what I have to say? Well, probably not. We live in a world with so much social sharing – tweet, posts, videos – that sometimes the amount of opinions we encounter is exhausting. Or just stupid. I could make a whole rant about people who rant about unimportant annoyances, but that’s another thing. Sure, there are important issues out that we should take a side on. There are real issues and real insights. But it is so often the case that the other opinions we see are just made off of feelings and it’s hard to know what to care about. So why bother listening? Should you care if this celebrity thinks what that politician did was a bad idea? Should you care if that vlogger thinks McDonald’s is the greatest blight to humanity since smallpox? Who should you listen to and why are you listening to them and what should you be listening for?

All these questions and I’m not giving a single answer. Plus I’m rabbit-trailing. Ahem. There is value in these things – blogging, videos, etc.  Through them we are able to see things in ways we would otherwise have been blind to. It gives us a viewpoint outside our own, and helps us see beyond our personal bubbles of perspective. Hey, I like that line.

Essentially, they’re just very one-sided conversations. While some conversations can be very superficial, others can be very beneficial. Same for online interactions like this. For a lot of us, it’s an easier way to go deep, which isn’t a bad thing. Now, I’m not saying that everything must be serious and ponderous; you need both silly and serious in a relationship. And that’s basically what this is. (Don’t try and make this weird, now.) Here’s where we come to the main point. It’s a  relationship, a friendship. So, as always, you have to be careful which friends you choose. How do you do that? *Thunks Bible on the table* That’s my best answer for you.

Hey, look at that. I ended up not even answering my question. This, my friends, is a lesson on how not to write a good essay. Luckily, this is a blog. (Forgive me, writing teachers.)


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