Thoughts on NaNoWriMo

Well hello there peoples! So, yes, I have been gone for awhile. But… I was also (for the first time ever, agh!) doing NaNo, so, forgive me? Homework + Work + trying to write 50k in a month = no blogging. Sorry.

Still, all of those goings on have at least given me something to talk about here so I’ll take it as a win. Alright so here’s the main question I guess: did I actually end up with 50 thousand words? *Cough* No. No I did not. (Unless maybe you also count the essays I wrote? Still, I don’t think so.) I did, however end up with 30k, which, while being rather far off from the goal, still was a good chunk of writing. Also, for like the first time ever, I have finished a legitimate first draft! (I will be telling you more about this in the future!) Sure, it’s a short-ish story, but still. I WROTE A THING! In addition to that (since I was being a NaNo rebel) I also doubled my page count on Nick and Herb’s story (talked about here), which I have kind of been overhauling. It’s turning out to be a much longer deal. Which is cool.

But, what did I actually think of NaNo? I have mixed feelings. But they’re mostly good. I’m really glad it gave me the nudge to write. In a month, I wrote far more than I wrote the rest of the year. (Guys, I’m actually a terribly undedicated writer. If you haven’t noticed by the irregularity of my posting “schedule.”) It’s a great feeling to actually have accomplished WORDS. Many words. And writing is fun (and simultaneously filled with excruciating pain), so anything that helps me do that is great. However, it does make you rush through things. This can be good. You have to push yourself through things like confusing plots, writers block, etc. But… I also know that I didn’t always take the time I needed to actually figure out what needed to happen in a scene before I wrote it. The result? Much weirdness. But, that’s actually normal. Also, I write particularly terrible first drafts. (SO MANY THINGS TO FIX. AGH.) Despite the fact that I failed in my quest for 50k words, I am still quite proud of the work I did. Will I do NaNo again next year? I don’t know. I went into this not expecting to necessarily have that goal met, and I’m glad for that. I was able to enjoy writing without stressing my small self about writing a certain amount. So I might do it again with that outlook. Maybe I’ll reach 40k, or maybe just 20k, *shrugs* I guess we’ll have to find out.

By far the best part of the experience was Kenzie’s Dare Squad which was absolutely as epic as it sounds. (I think it sounds epic?) It was a blast (and also slightly terrifying) to commiserate with and cheer on the other Squadians, all the while having the threat of some mystifyingly terrible dare hanging over us if we so happen to fail in whatever self-appointed goal we made at the beginning of November. Mine was to write 50k. I failed, clearly. Yay me. Which means I have a dastardly dare to complete!!!! O: O: O: However, fate smiled upon me, and the dare I got was to make a playlist for a character of mine, which, honestly, I would more than happily do for fun anyway. So, if you want to listen to Nick’s playlist, which he would prefer me to call the Nicks-tape, it’s linked here. It’s kinda random. Much like Nick. Rosemary wishes to voice the complaint that I always choose Nick for things like this. I’m sorry, Rosemary. I promise that I really do like you too.


Now for a segment on my favorite quotes from NaNo writing! 

“I’m tone deaf. I wish I could sing. But people tell me I sound like a dying cow that’s yodeling. Which was actually probably the best insult I have ever had the privilege to receive.”

“I hadn’t thought about monsters for awhile, and to think that I might be dealing with one now, when I didn’t really even have the energy to fight it – that was scary. A hero is always strong when fighting his enemy. I’m not strong right now. I don’t know if I can fight anything. Homework is hard enough to deal with.”

“I have determined that cheese is always an excellent conversation starter.”

“Hello, my oinkers! I shall call you Pumpernickel and Captain Scroink!” (Yeah, this is Nick upon meeting piglets)

In a grey and lonely forest, in a stone hut in a mossy clearing, lived a grumpy old man and his obnoxious parrot. But the old man was deaf, so he never knew how annoying his parrot was.” (This is from a story that one of my characters is making up. #storyinception)

“ She lay down. On the ground. Not enough umph for more than that. She didn’t care. The cement floor is as hard and cold as my soul, she thought. Great. Now I’m poetic. This is stupid.”

“Hey, Herb, I just realized something… Um, who’s feeding your cat?”

… Okay I have no idea if any of these make sense to people besides me, but I hope you enjoyed them. That’s all for today, but I’ll be back. Soon. Probably.

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts on NaNoWriMo

  1. “Nicks-tape” xD All your quotes are brilliantly funny! Nick sounds like a hilarious character to write.

    I didn’t win NaNo either… I spent the second half of the month procrastinating. *slaps self with notebook* Congratulations on finishing a legitimate first draft!! (I’m still working on that goal myself.) *sends celebratory chocolate and lamingtons*
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you! And… yeah he kinda is XD

      Haha, I totally understand!!! I’m afraid I found myself on Youtube far more often than I should have during November… Girl, you got this! Keep at that draft! It feels so good to finish (until, of course, you realize the awaiting doom called revising. *shrieks*).


  2. Oh my goodness!!!! You made a playlist!!! I MUST check this out… I absolutely love playlists!!!

    And also. . .OH MY WORD. THE SNIPPETS. I think I literally died, actually… Gail, if there is ANY WAY I can beta read your story, I would be absolutely HONORED. This is phenomenal and perfection and it’s so FUNNY!!! It’s literally you but in book format…. I love it… And also…. Um…. “I have determined that cheese is always an excellent conversation starter.” << IS THAT A STUDIO C REFERENCE?????


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