When I look at the world

Hello friends! I’m here to talk about some of the stuff I learned while on break. Which was a couple weeks ago now, so let’s hope I can actually remember any of it.

See, one of the reasons I wanted a break was that I was feeling… apathetic, I guess. I didn’t have anything I really wanted to say, especially for my “Let’s be thankful for something” posts because, ironically, I wasn’t really feeling grateful or excited about much.

Now, I’ve never really felt depression. Praise God, but I’ve never had to struggle with sadness or anxiety or anything for very long. And I can’t say I was depressed even then, a couple weeks ago. But I was as close to it as I’ve ever been. In history class, we had been looking at a lot of the issues that came up throughout the founding of America. There were a lot. And the teacher, being a good teacher, showed us how these issues still affect us today – how they’re relevant ideas to discuss a couple hundred years later. The thing is, that means that issues “dealt with” a long time ago really haven’t gone away. We can’t fix our problems. None of them. It’s just like when different music artists (I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian hip-hop, lately) bring up the point that though we thought we solved racial issues in the sixties, when voting became available for all races, it turns out that we didn’t. Things may be better, but people still face stigmas and all that, not to mention all the confusion over what it means to be equal and should you or should you not be “color-blind” and what that even looks like, and what about political correctness? It’s confusing. And that’s just one of our problems.

Because turns out, we’re human. And humans are messed up. Humans can’t fix their problems and never will be able to.

And this all sounds very defeatist, and it is, hence why I was feeling depressed. I was even getting upset at the kids’ books (which I love), like the Green Ember series (#RABBITSWITHSWORDS) because it’s a nice, classic fantasy with big bad guys in power, but in the end they get defeated by the good guys. And peace and happiness reign into the happily ever after. And that’s great. But that’s not our world. At least… not yet.

So here we are, back to where I end all posts like this one. We find our answer in the Bible. And I could go to Revelations, where we see the King on his throne, reigning above all else, with all sin defeated, and all evil done away with forever. Where His peace and His joy do reign forever and ever. And, actually, I did. But it’s still hard to be in the waiting years. So, oddly enough, I went to Kings. I say “oddly enough” because as a kid, I always found those books to be confusing and boring. Well, WAS I EVER WRONG. If you haven’t read I & II Kings lately (I especially recommend II Kings), please do. Because they are a drama if I’ve ever read one. I mean you’ve got unlikely heroes, astounding miracles, scheming villains, impossible battles, and treacherous coups (not to be confused with treacherous coops, places full of wily chickens). There are heroes, but they also happen to be real people.

‘Cause this is a true story, and it happens in really messed up times. Sin is rampant in the books of Kings, just like it is in our world. The leaders are most often bad, the people are most often stupid, and terrible things keep happening. BUT, through it all, you still see God working. You see God constantly calling his people to himself, choosing them, warning them, loving them. He raises up leaders and prophets, people after his own heart. It is a story of broken and fallen Kings and a broken and fallen people. And it is a story of the God who did not leave them in their brokenness, but sought after them, and saved and forgave any who would turn from their wickedness.

That’s a story we need to hear. At least, that’s a story I needed to hear. To see that even amidst the worst of what we humans have to offer, God is moving even there.

So when I see our broken world, and a brokenness that I feel powerless to stop or change, I can remember that God has not given up. Even now, God is here.


3 thoughts on “When I look at the world

  1. I too discovered the treasures in the books of Kings. God is always gracious and returns to those who turn back to Him. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll read Kings again.


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