Let’s be thankful for something /// May edition

Hello my lovely fireflies! I’m back!!! And it looks like it’s time for another “Let’s be thankful for something,” the segment of this blog where I find something random, yet awesome (hey, kinda like me 😉 ) to remember to be thankful for.



CLEAN SHEETS! Okay, okay, that it sounds a little underwhelming, but hear me out.

Well, it’s been longer than you’d like to admit since you’ve changed your sheets. Life’s been busy and even making the bed is a hassle sometimes, so where would you find the time to change them altogether. But you finally have a moment when you aren’t working or procrastinating the work, and you decide… It’s TIME. So you rip off those old sheets, and throw them in the wash. A couple of hours later, you pull them out of the dryer and fight to get them back on in proper order. Phew, that’s done.

BUT THEN when you slip into bed that night, the crisp feel of the tucked-in sheet, the clean smell, the freshness of it all. Oh, is it worth it. Ahhhhh… you just want to stay there all night. Which you do, because that’s how sleep works.

Alright… maybe that’s a little over-dramatic now, but still. Clean sheet days are the BEST. The sheets are clean, so you feel clean, and it’s all happy and wonderful. I mean beds are just great no matter what. Yep.

That’s all we’ve got for today! Hope you come away with a renewed appreciation for clean sheets, or at least with a reminder that this person you’re following puts out strange content. Either way. Have a great week y’all and go wash your sheets, they probably need it!

(Turns out this was all an advertising campaign for laundry soap. #whoops #notasponser)

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