Let’s be thankful for something!!! /// June Edition

Hello you beautiful starfish! How’s it going today? Hope it’s going well, but even if it’s not, I’m here to bring you this month’s tiny reminder that there’s always something we can be thankful for. Something that we may take for granted.

Today, we’re going to talk about pavement.

Wow. Pavement. How exciting, Gail. WOOOOO.

Yeah, it’s not exciting. That’s exactly the point. Because you know what is exciting – being bounced up and down over a gravely road until you get mild whiplash and quite possibly a case of hiccups. That’s VERY exciting. Plus there’s the dust all over your car afterward…  But we’re not here to complain. Complaining is no fun. We’re here to remember that asphalt is pretty darn great, because you know what – we can drive on roads all we want without feeling like we’re on a very annoying amusement park ride. We can just drive and not have to think about the road beneath our tires because its FLAT. And wonderful. And so ignored. So if you’re out and about sometime today, take a second to thank God that we have asphalt and cement and all those lovely things that make our lives just a little bit more comfortable.


3 thoughts on “Let’s be thankful for something!!! /// June Edition

  1. It’s true, pavement is such a blessing!! We recently got a new sidewalk put in and let me tell you, it is SO nice. Carrying groceries to our house from our garage, riding our bikes, rollerblading, it’s great. 🙂


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