Roland the Reckless (part 1???)

Well guess what guys? It’s a WRITERLY WEDNESDAY!!! Woohooo!!! Guess what else? My brain has turned into a shriveled cranberry and I have no idea what I’m doing!!! YAAAAAYYYYYYYY.

BUT I did happen to find a drawing notebook that I thought I had lost and what do you know – I found something I can steal. AHA! Granted, I understand that these are not Artistic Wednesdays (which doesn’t alliterate and therefore I could never stand by), but there’s enough of a story involved that I think we can allow it  WE’RE TOTALLY ALLOWING IT (I make the rules here, peasants!) ahem. Sorry about that.

Everyone… meet Roland.

Entry #1


This is Roland. He says hi. People call him “The Reckless,” and then chortle. But Roland likes people. And fish. But he eats one, and not the other. So it’s kind of different.

“What is Roland?” you ask. He couldn’t tell you. The zoologist Amelia Phycodurus classifies Roland as Dracodilius Amphibious; however, no one pays attention to her monumental research, and most has been either lost or forgotten. Lamentably, most people instead refer to Roland simply as a water dragon.

– Conan Scrivenor, journalist and researcher

Entry #2 


– Conan Scrivenor, journalist and researcher

Entry #3

In further research I have conducted concerning the life and habits of the Dracodilius, I came to understand that Roland also has some friends. No people though. People aren’t always good at making friends, it seems.


There’s also Bush. Who is … a bush. But Roland is good friends with Bush anyway. There was also a frog, but it kept avoiding eye contact and belching at Roland. I’m pretty sure it got eaten. Unfortunate.

– Conan Scrivenor, journalist and researcher.

Thus ends, for now, our friend Conan’s account of a particular creature known as Roland. Thanks for reading! I’m now tempted to draw some more… ehehe. We’ll see what I can do with my craisin brain. Anywho, hope your summers are lovely! Go be a more productive writer than me right now! Or just eat some fish, whatever you like. Toodles!

9 thoughts on “Roland the Reckless (part 1???)

  1. Oh my goodness, Gail, this is the most adorable thing I have seen all day. XD XD XD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. *steals him away* (also that researcher guy’s name is making me want to write, simply because his last name is Scrivenor…. it’s not even spelled the same as the writing program, but STILL. XD)

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      1. LOL!!! I guess we found the secret to forcing ourselves into a writerly mood! Just name all our characters after slight variations of popular word programs. It’s why Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss created such a fantastic show with Sherlock…. #Mycroft #Microsoft

        Liked by 1 person

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